About Us

For over a decade we have been providing unique IPv4 solutions to solve customer problems

Our story begins in 1997 after college and a first, very bad, website. In time, it developed into a profitable business allowing me to leave the telco industry. During this time I learned about SEO Hosting as I built many different websites to drive traffic to my money sites. 

In 2008, and seeing an opportunity, I started my own SEO hosting company selling IP to my friends who were building their own traffic networks. Having access to a lot of IPv4 addresses, email marketers came a knocking. I learned about the value of using this for lead generation to drive business. 

Providing unique IPv4 solutions continued to open additional doors as we brokered 6 figure IP transfers with web hosting companies in need of ranges. We also picked up additional proxy, vpn and alike customers who also needed custom or unique answers to their IP problems that we could provide. 

It has been an interesting decade and counting allowing us to build a company with hundreds of servers and a full compliment of staff focused on providing the best tech support possible and helping out clients grow as most of our business is in B2B. 

What can we do to help YOUR business grow today?